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AHRMM is vetting non-traditional suppliers offering personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical supplies for the health care supply chain. Please bookmark ahrmm.org/COVID-19 and check back often for news, education, resources and other updates.

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    Physician Onboarding

    Posted in: AHRMM Education

    Hello. I am working on a physician onboarding protocol to get ahead of PPI when new physicians (particularly) surgeons join the organization. Does anyone have a documented process and/or a checklist that they could share? ------------------------------ ...

  • Posted in: AHRMM Education

    Thank you, Pete, Beth and GSHMM for starting these virtual study sessions again. They are so helpful!

  • Posted in: AHRMM Education

    Hi,   We are looking for information for automated systems to track the delivery of packages to areas in the hospital after received in the MMS. We are going to implement workday so a system which interface with workday would be great. Anyone use such ...

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    Average Inventory

    Posted in: AHRMM Education

    : Is there data available that provides the average size of supply inventory base on the size of the facility?ThanksRon ------------------------------ Dr. Ron Feldman, CMRP, BCPC, MBA Director of Materials Management Chan Soon-Shiong Medical Center at ...

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    RE: PPE Distribution

    Posted in: AHRMM Education

    We are utilizing the UV process to decontaminate our respirators employees can only get a new respirator through the UV department (with some exceptions but not many).  Should the respirator become soiled, torn or just plain worn out they will be issued ...

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